It's Your Turn, Mom...You Can Do It!


Vanguard University acknowledges and honors the working /stay-at-home moms. We are aware of the struggles women face juggling family, work, home and education. Studies show a rise in adult women returning to college however, few strides have been made to help them get started.

The School for Professional Studies focuses on preparing women from the first stages of academic planning to the completion of their program. Our staff and faculty will become a support system for you by providing tools to help minimize financial and time commitment concerns. We will help you understand what to expect on your academic journey to ensure your success as a student mom.  We invite you to come join us explore college options for moms!


  • Why Start School Now? – Interview with a current mom and student who is in her 4th class and on her way.
  • How Could our Programs Fit a Mom’s Schedule?
  • Support System for Your Success
  • Academic Planning
  • Fears, Concerns and Misconceptions about School
  • Financial Commitment, Time Commitment
  • About Vanguard University and the School for Professional Studies
  • Success Story – Interview with a mom who has done it!

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